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The Top Solar Panels Installers in Kelowna

Wondering where to start when it comes to solar panels in Kelowna. As the world becomes more conscious about the environment and the impact of traditional energy sources on it, the popularity of renewable energy systems such as solar energy continues to rise. Solar power presents a massive and eco-friendly energy alternative capable of lessening our dependence on non-renewable resources while reducing carbon emissions.

You may be wondering where to start if you live in British Columbia, specifically in the Kelowna or Lake Country area, and you want to transition to a solar energy system.

Finding the right solar installers to trust with your installation is crucial for a successful transition to solar energy. There are a lot of businesses offering solar panel installation services with the increasing demand for solar panels. However, not all are equal in quality, expertise, and cost.

In this article, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to top solar panels Kelowna installers to help you make an informed decision.

Best 8 Solar Panel Installation Companies in Kelowna, BC

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Here are our top picks:

Solos Energy

Solos Energy, a solar panel installer in Kelowna, BC, offers a top-notch service to those looking to switch to green energy. They provide a range of reliable, innovative, and durable AAA products with a 25-year warranty, providing customers with the peace of mind they need.

One of the best things about Solos Energy is its approach to customized projects. They work with a team of engineers, designers, certified electricians, and green energy experts to design and install a solar system. They make it according to the customer’s wishes and needs.

Customers can be sure they are getting a renewable energy system that meets their requirements.

Solos Energy also provides expert guidance and exceptional customer service and support. They are committed to guiding their customers through every step of their solar journey, ensuring an effortless transition to clean, green energy. That is particularly important because switching to solar energy can be a big step for many people. Having expert solar installers who provide guidance can make the process much smoother.

Save Money

Another key benefit of choosing Solos Energy is the potential to save money. Utility companies in British Columbia typically increase their rates by 4-6% each year, but with solar energy, customers can lock in their energy rates and avoid those annual rate hikes. It provides stability and predictability for the next 25+ years. That makes it a perfect investment for the future of the customer’s business and the environment.

In summary, Solos Energy is a reliable, innovative, and customer-focused solar panel installer in Kelowna, BC, that provides customized renewable energy system installation and expert guidance to help customers switch to solar energy.

They offer a range of top-notch products with a 25-year warranty, and customers can expect to save money on their electricity bill while contributing to a cleaner, greener future. Solos Energy is worth considering if you wish to switch to green energy.

Future West Solar

Future West Solar is a solar panel installer based in Kelowna, British Columbia. They commit to making green energy accessible and affordable for everyone. The company believes that going green is not a choice but a must. They dedicate their time to helping homeowners make the switch to solar energy.

One of the biggest challenges with solar projects is the time and cost associated with them. However, Future West Solar has found a solution to this problem. Their team of experienced solar installers will come to your home within 18 hours to provide you with a solar proposal that is best for you. They consider your electricity usage and home.

With their efficient installation process, your solar system can be up and running in as little as two months. They are constantly working to improve the process and reduce installation time further.

Accessible Solar Energy

The company is committed to making solar energy accessible to everyone. By installing a renewable energy system, homeowners can significantly reduce their electricity bills and impact the environment positively. Future West Solar plays an integral role in moving communities to green energy.

Their team of expert solar installers has years of experience in the industry and has completed many successful solar installations in the Kelowna and Lake Country areas. They are all locals. Their main objective is to provide their customers with the best experience possible.

In conclusion, Future West Solar is an excellent choice for anyone looking to switch to solar energy in Kelowna, British Columbia. With their efficient installation process and experienced team of solar installers, they can help homeowners significantly reduce their electricity bills and impact the environment positively.

Their commitment to making green energy systems accessible and affordable is commendable. It makes them an excellent choice for anyone looking to invest in solar panel installation for their home or business.

Integrated Power Systems

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Integrated Power Systems is a solar panel installer in Kelowna, BC. It provides renewable power systems to remote cabins, resorts, homes, and businesses. The company has been in the renewable energy system market since 1993, offering solar, wind turbines, water turbines, grid-tie, off-grid, and UPS systems in Western Canada. As a licensed electrical contractor, IPS ensures that all its installations comply with the current BC electrical code.

Its goal is to offer courteous, expedient, and professional service of the highest quality to its clients. They provide solar panel installation services at affordable prices, making renewable energy systems accessible to more people. People can reduce their energy bills and help protect the environment by switching to solar energy.

IPS Integrated Power Systems provides a wide range of services to its clients. They include solar installations, wind turbines, water turbines, grid-tie, off-grid, and UPS systems. Their solar installers are highly skilled and experienced in designing and installing solar energy systems that meet their client’s specific needs. Solar panels generate electricity that people can use to power homes, businesses, and remote cabins.

By installing a renewable energy system, clients can reduce their energy costs and contribute to a cleaner environment. The company’s services are affordable and reliable. Their installation design meets the current electrical code in BC.

In conclusion, IPS Integrated Power Systems is an excellent solar panel installer based in Kelowna, BC. The company provides affordable and reliable renewable energy systems to homes, businesses, resorts, and remote cabins in Western Canada. By choosing solar energy, clients can save on electricity bills and help protect the environment. IPS Integrated Power Systems is a reputable company that provides professional and high-quality services to its clients.

Smart Solar Canada

Smart Solar Canada Inc., formerly known as the Natural Energy group of companies, is a leading solar panel installer based in Kelowna, British Columbia. In 2010, Gregory Kuipers established the company to construct, manage, and possess facilities that generate power using natural gas. However, after selling these facilities to Alberta grid owners, Smart Solar Canada shifted its focus to the renewable energy system. It became a prominent solar energy installer in the Okanagan Valley.

One of the company’s key strengths is its reputation, with 80% of its work coming from referrals. The company has installed over 21 million watts of solar panels, demonstrating its expertise and understanding of the solar energy system.

Smart Solar Canada offers solar installation services for residential, commercial, and farm properties. For residential customers, installing a solar panel can provide a long-term benefit, with a 10-14% rate of return on their capital investment and a significant reduction in the electricity bill. The company guarantees its products and installations above the product manufacturer’s warranties, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Smart Solar Canada provides solar installers that customers can trust for commercial properties. Each solar system installed by the company adheres to engineered specifications and solely incorporates CSA or Canadian-rated products of equivalent quality. It guarantees the quality and safety of the system, ensuring that customers receive the maximum benefit from their solar energy system.

Farm Solar Panels Installation

Smart Solar Canada also offers solar panel installation services for farms. The company understands the unique requirements of the agricultural industry and provides cost-effective solutions to meet its energy needs.

The company also offers plug-and-produce systems, including containers or buildings, fully ready to plug in. It is an excellent option for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to the environment by generating electric power.

Overall, Smart Solar Canada is an excellent solar panel installer in Kelowna, British Columbia, and its surrounding areas, including Lake Country. The company’s expertise, experience, and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction make it a reliable choice if you want to install a solar energy system.

Nova Independent Resources

Nova Independent Resources Limited is a well-established company in Kelowna, British Columbia. It provides renewable energy system solutions for homes and industries throughout western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. With over 30 years of experience, Nova has become a leader in providing alternative energy solutions. The company offers services like off-grid solutions, grid-tied solar, and portable and mobile systems.

Nova Independent Resources provide environmentally-friendly solutions to customers who want to reduce their electricity bills while helping the environment. Their off-grid solutions include solar, wind, micro-hydro systems, battery banks, and inverter/charger power management. Nova’s experts can guide you through going off-grid and tailoring a power system to fit your needs.

Their grid-tied solar solutions involve solar panels, micro-inverters, or string inverters that connect to your utility provider for net metering. Nova offers real-time monitoring of the system via your PC or smartphone. The grid-tied system generates power by remaining connected to the municipal grid. It stores excess energy for future use.

Nova Independent Resources also offers portable and mobile solar panel kits, RV solar systems with charge controller inverters, deep cycle batteries, and accessories. They also provide consultation, design, troubleshooting, and repair services.

Lastly, Nova Independent Resources is a reliable and trustworthy company that offers excellent solar installation services. The business provides environmentally-friendly solutions to help customers save money on their electricity bills while reducing their environmental impact. Nova Independent Resources is the go-to company for anyone looking for high-quality solar panel installers in Kelowna, Lake Country, and throughout BC.

SkyFire Energy

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SkyFire Energy is a leading solar panel installer in Western Canada, including Penticton/Kelowna in British Columbia. They promote the benefits of renewable energy systems and encourage people to switch to solar energy to reduce their energy bills and environmental footprint. SkyFire Energy highlights that the economics of solar panels are revolutionizing the power system in Western Canada.

SkyFire Energy’s experience includes the design and installation of thousands of residential solar power systems and many of the largest and most complex commercial photovoltaic systems in Western Canada. They have been installing solar PV systems since 2001, making them one of the most experienced solar installers in the region.

One of the unique aspects of SkyFire Energy is that they are a Certified B Corporation business, meaning they are socially and environmentally responsible. By choosing SkyFire Energy to install your solar project, you are contributing to building a stronger, healthier, and more sustainable community. SkyFire Energy’s employee-owners care about customer satisfaction, which they have a higher stake in since they own the business.

SkyFire Energy also offers flexible financing options to make it easy for people to obtain solar. Customers can own solar for as little as $70 per month. It is a fantastic option for people who want to stop renting their power and own it instead.

Lastly, SkyFire Energy is a reliable, low-maintenance, and low-cost solution for those looking to shift to solar power. Their local offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Penticton/Kelowna, and Regina make it easy for them to design and install a solar panel system specific to your geographical location. By choosing SkyFire Energy, you can impact the environment positively and reduce your dependence on fossil fuels while saving money on your electricity bill.

Okanagan Solar Homes

Okanagan Solar LTD is a family-run business in Kelowna, British Columbia. It specializes in renewable energy and efficiency. Rob Monteith (who has extensive experience in construction and development) and his son (Patrick Monteith) lead the company. His son is a certified electrician and solar energy designer. The company is a member of CANSIA and is certified to work in several regions, including BC, Alberta, Ontario, and the Northwest Territories.

Okanagan Solar offers solar panel installation services for energy-efficient homes, which can help homeowners reduce their energy bills and environmental impact. The company has worked on many volunteer projects in Nicaragua and realized the potential for solar energy homes in the area, where there is an average of 12 hours of sunshine daily.

The company is pleased to work with superb suppliers and installers. It enables them to offer their services to customers in Western, Northern Canada, and Central America. They are legally registered to service customers in Nicaragua, Central America, making them a unique solar installation business.

Solar energy system installation provides significant benefits to homeowners, including reduced electricity bills and a smaller environmental footprint. Okanagan Solar Ltd is a reputable company that can provide quality installations that are tailored to their client’s needs.

In conclusion, Okanagan Solar is a reliable solar installer in British Columbia that offers solar panel installations for energy-efficient homes. The company has extensive experience in construction and development and is certified to work in several regions. With their focus on renewable energy, they can help homeowners reduce their environmental impact while saving money on their electricity bills.

Create Solar

Create Solar is a Kelowna-based company providing solar panel installation services to residential and commercial clients across the Okanagan region of British Columbia. Hill Jiang, the founder of Create Solar, is a well-experienced architect with over 20 years of international experience in energy-saving project design. His passion for solar energy and sustainable building practices led him to establish the company in 2016. It is now a one-stop shop for renewable energy systems.

In addition, Create Solar offers a range of high-quality solar panels from leading PV developers and manufacturers. Their highly experienced solar installers specialize in designing, installing, cleaning, and maintaining solar energy systems. Clients can reduce their electricity bills and contribute to building greener and more energy-efficient communities by choosing Create Solar.

The company’s services are not limited to Kelowna, as they provide solar panel installation services to Lake Country and other areas in British Columbia. They are committed to providing dependable, cost-effective, and efficient energy solutions to businesses and individuals searching for a more sustainable energy model. Its mission is to bring its clients closer to “net zero” by helping them to transition from the traditional grid system to a solar energy system.

Furthermore, their commitment to the environment and the promotion of sustainable energy is impressive. Their services provide an excellent opportunity for people to save money on their electricity bills while reducing their carbon footprint. If you are considering investing in a solar energy system, Create Solar is a company worth considering. Their highly experienced team and exclusive inventory of products make them one of the best solar installers in British Columbia.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Solar Panel Installer

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When choosing a solar panel installer for your renewable energy system, there are several factors to consider. The solar installers you choose will determine the quality of your solar panel installation and the overall performance of your solar energy system. Here are some key factors you should consider when choosing a solar panel installer in Kelowna or Lake Country, British Columbia.

Licensing and Certifications

It is crucial to choose a solar panel installer that is properly licensed and certified to install solar panels. Ensure the installer you choose has a valid electrical contractor’s license and certifications from organizations like the Canadian Solar Industries Association or the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners.

Experience and Expertise

Experience and expertise are critical factors when choosing a solar panel installer. Look for installers who have been in business for several years and have a proven track record of successful solar panel installations. Additionally, it’s necessary to choose a solar installer with experience. The best ones are those working with the specific type of solar panel system you’re interested in.

Quality of Products Used

The quality of the products used by a solar panel installer can affect the overall performance of your solar energy system. Choose a solar installer who uses high-quality solar panels, inverters, and other equipment from reputable manufacturers.

Warranty and Maintenance Services

Make sure the solar panel installer you choose offers a comprehensive warranty for their installation work. Additionally, it is vital to choose an installer who offers ongoing maintenance services to keep your solar energy system running smoothly.

Cost and Financing Options

Cost is always a key consideration when choosing a solar panel installer. Consider seeking installers who provide affordable rates and financing plans tailored to your financial capabilities. Remember that while solar panel installation may have an upfront cost, it can ultimately save you money on your electricity bill in the long run.

Choosing the right solar panel installer is crucial for a successful transition to green energy. By considering factors like licensing and certifications, experience and expertise, quality of products used, warranty and maintenance services, and cost and financing options, you can find the right solar installer for your needs and start enjoying the benefits of solar energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Solar Panels Worth It in Kelowna?

Yes, solar panels are worth it in Kelowna. Kelowna receives plenty of sunlight throughout the year, making it an excellent location for solar energy production. Kelowna has one of the highest solar potentials in Canada, with an average of 2,062 hours of sunshine per year.

By installing solar panels, homeowners and businesses in Kelowna can reduce their reliance on traditional power sources. This helps save money on their energy bills and contributes to a cleaner environment.

What Is the Most Cost-Effective Solar Setup?

A: The most cost-effective solar setup depends on your needs and circumstances. Generally, a grid-tied solar panel system with a net metering arrangement is the most cost-effective option for most homeowners and businesses. With this setup, any excess energy produced by the solar panels is fed back into the grid. The homeowner receives credits on their energy bill for the energy they contribute.

That can significantly reduce or even eliminate energy costs over time. Additionally, installing a system with high-efficiency solar panels and a well-designed system layout can help maximize energy production and savings. It is essential to work with a reputable solar installer to determine the best solar setup for your specific needs and budget.





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